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萨那, the leading AI-powered learning and knowledge platform, announced today it’s landed another $28m in an opportunistic investment round led by NEA. Workday Ventures also joined the round. With a combined total of $62m in Series B funding, the Swedish-born scaleup is now one of the most highly-funded AI companies.

萨那's mission is to augment human intelligence through artificial intelligence. 为此目的, 该公司已经建立了一个分类定义的产品,融合了最好的企业搜索, 学习管理系统, 会议工具, and a knowledge management system into one single platform.

Underpinning this suite of tools is 萨那 AI, the company's latest release. 萨那 AI是一款无所不在的助手,它可以在你公司的所有应用程序中进行搜索,根据自然语言命令采取行动,生成实时会议摘要,从零开始创建整个学习课程, and writing SQL to query your data. In other words, it's like ChatGPT for your company's knowledge.

By augmenting an organization's ability to capture, 组织, and access knowledge at every step through AI, 萨那使任何团队——从销售和客户支持团队到产品专家和软件工程师——都能更快、更高效地行动.

“在萨那, 我们相信,每个组织的使命都取决于其员工的集体智慧. That intelligence depends on knowledge, yet most institutional knowledge today is scattered across multiple tools, 困在人们的脑海里, and lost in verbal conversations. AI is the key to solving this problem at scale. By unlocking knowledge for every employee across any organization, 我们开启了全球进步,乔尔·赫勒马克说, 萨那的创始人兼首席执行官. “我们很高兴能得到NEA和Workday Ventures等战略投资者的支持."

萨那 wasn’t looking for funding when NEA made its proactive offer. 去年12月,该公司完成了由Menlo Ventures领投的3400万美元B轮融资. 引起投资者额外兴趣的原因之一是商业业绩:萨那的业务每年增长3倍.

NEA将由首席执行官斯科特·桑德尔和董事总经理菲利普·肖邦代表萨那董事会. 自1996年加入NEA以来, Sandell has played a critical role in many industry-transforming businesses, 包括当罗宾汉, Salesforce, Tableau软件, 和工作日.

"萨那's past track record and current trajectory are exceptional. 感谢顶尖人才, 大胆的设想, and rare organizational alignment, we believe they've already built a world-class learning and knowledge platform. 但最让我们兴奋的是萨那下一步的发展方向:通过法学硕士对组织的各种形式的功能数据进行索引,成为企业事实上的日博体育app平台. The use cases for this type of product are endless," said Scott Sandell, CEO at NEA.

In addition to 萨那's commercial growth and ambitious team, NEA was impressed by the level of customer advocacy. 该平台被默克(Merck)等市场领先公司的众多客户所使用, Kry / Livi, and Svea太阳能—all of whom praise 萨那's superior user experience and product velocity.

“从第一天起, 我们对萨那的创新速度和解决客户反馈的承诺感到惊讶. 这个平台不仅仅是一个工具,它已经成为Svea太阳能学习和知识的家园. We see the latest iteration of 萨那 AI as a productivity game-changer, 汉娜·曼伯格说, Svea太阳能的CHRO.

有了额外的资金, 萨那将继续在斯德哥尔摩扩大其产品开发和商业团队, 伦敦, 和纽约办事处. 萨那's headquarters will remain in Stockholm, where founder and CEO Joel Hellermark founded the company aged 19, six years after teaching himself to code in C.

"Joel is an exceptional founder. 这个B轮扩展证明了他的技术和商业实力以及有远见的领导能力. As we enter the new age of artificial intelligence, 我们相信,萨那团队有能力成为世界上最成功、最具影响力的日博体育app公司之一,菲利普·肖邦说, NEA UK董事总经理.


萨那 is an AI-powered learning platform that empowers organizations to find, 分享, and harness the knowledge they need to achieve their missions. Backed by some of the world's leading investors, 运营商, 和创始人, 萨那 has raised more than $85m to date. 该公司总部位于瑞典斯德哥尔摩,在伦敦和纽约设有办事处. For more information, head to 196mdpbg.physicsandmore.net.


New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA)是一家全球风险投资公司,专注于帮助企业家跨多个阶段建立转型企业, 行业和地区. 成立于1977年, NEA has over $25 billion in assets under management, 截至3月31日, 2023年,投资于处于公司生命周期各个阶段的科技和医疗保健公司, 从种子期到IPO. 该公司的长期投资记录包括270多家投资组合公司的ipo和450多家并购交易. For more information, please visit www.恩颐投资.com.



萨那 raises $34M Series B to transform the way organizations learn through AI

在经历了7倍的同比增长后,Menlo Ventures领投了一轮加速美国扩张的融资

今天, 萨那, the leading AI-powered learning platform, announced the close of its $34M Series B led by Menlo Ventures. Existing investor EQT Ventures also joined the round with several founders and 运营商. Menlo Ventures’ partner JP Sanday joins the board as part of this round. This funding follows a 7x year-over-year increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

萨那的成立愿景是利用日博体育app来帮助组织学习和共享知识. 为此目的, 萨那建立了一个领域领先的学习平台,使组织能够巩固他们的学习和捕获, 组织, and personalize all their institutional knowledge.

从个性化学习建议到自动生成内容的日博体育app写作助手, 萨那应用日博体育app的最新突破来增强和优化整个学习和知识共享之旅.

萨那的日博体育app语义搜索使员工能够从组织的任何地方获得所需的知识. The platform connects and indexes tools like Slack, Salesforce, 概念, LinkedIn学习, 谷歌Workplace为员工提供自动生成的自然语言答案. The result: an end-to-end platform that decreases onboarding time, 提高销售效率, and grows and retains top talent.

“现在是一个价值300亿美元的产业, the learning and development market has demanded more sophisticated tools. 凭借世界一流的产品和令人难以置信的团队,萨那在赢得市场方面处于独特的地位. They offer two vital benefits to the historically underserved L&D类:日博体育app的可扩展性和效率,以及消费级产品的引人入胜的体验,JP桑迪说, Menlo Ventures合伙人.

"The ambitious customers we serve—pioneers like Alan, Svea太阳能, Kry / Livi, and Merck—are on a mission to change the world. 萨那的工作是通过确保每个员工在正确的时间获得正确的知识来加快他们的努力. By leveraging the power of AI, 萨那 can unlock organizational knowledge with unprecedented scale and speed, supercharging the organizations we serve,乔尔·赫勒马克说, 萨那的创始人兼首席执行官.

萨那现在是数字健康公司alan的知识和学习之家,整合了无数的学习和生产力工具. 今天, Alan uses 萨那 to onboard employees, train sales and customer support reps, 培养他们的领导者.

“速度, 透明度, and personal growth are key to Alan's culture, and 萨那 was the only provider able to deliver on all three. 自从使用了这个平台,我们减少了学习时间,同时提高了学习者的参与度. 我们认为萨那为组织对学习平台的期望设定了新的标准. 他们的技术和用户体验已经超越了整个行业,”Alan的人力增长主管philip Lam说.

有了新的资金, 萨那 will extend its product development and expand its team across Stockholm, 伦敦, 和纽约办事处. The headquarters will remain in Stockholm, where founder and CEO Joel Hellermark founded the company aged 19, six years after teaching himself to code in C.

“乔尔的远见卓识, and his rare combination of being technically skilled and exceptionally ambitious, has enabled him to assemble a world-class team from some of the foremost tech companies. With learning as the foundation of human progress, 我们相信,萨那团队有潜力在重塑我们所知的学习方式方面发挥重要作用,桑德拉·玛姆伯格说, 殷拓风险投资公司董事.

"Our ambition is to build an internet-scale Library of Alexandria, where more than a billion people can learn about anything and 分享 everything they know,海勒马克说. “我们很高兴能得到门罗风险投资公司和之前的支持者的支持."


萨那 is an AI-powered learning platform that empowers organizations to find, 分享, and harness the knowledge they need to achieve their missions. Backed by some of the world’s leading investors, 运营商, 和创始人, 到目前为止,萨那已经筹集了5400万美元. 该公司总部位于瑞典斯德哥尔摩,在伦敦和纽约设有办事处.

关于Menlo Ventures

Menlo Ventures是一家风险投资公司,致力于对我们所做的一切产生积极影响. That’s why we support businesses including Benchling, 敲出和谐的声音, 自由的法令, Poshmark, 超级, and Roku that are reimagining life and work for the better. 超过43年, we’ve grown a portfolio that includes more than 70 public companies, over 100 mergers and acquisitions, 和5美元.管理50亿美元. 我们在每个阶段和每个行业进行投资,在消费者、企业和医疗保健领域拥有专业知识. From developing market strategies to creating communities, we provide real impact where entrepreneurs need it most. 当我们进去的时候,我们都进去了. www.menlovc.com




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